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Acid Jazz Funk Jam Track in A minor – BJT #2


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This is a play along Acid Jazz Funk style jam track in A minor at 126 BPM. Great for practising your improvisation / soloing, scales, chord comping and rhythm on instruments such as guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, harmonica, violin, bass and other lead or chordal instruments.

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You can buy and download this track at in the following versions:

– Normal version
– “For bass” (bass track removed) version
– “For drums” (drum track removed) version
– “For piano” (keyboard track removed) version.



The basic 16 bar chord structure is:

Am7 – – – | F#7(#11b13) – – – | Fmaj7 – Em7 – | Dm7 – E7alt – |
Am7 – – – | F#7(#11b13) – – – | Fmaj7 – Em7 – | Dm7 – E7alt – |
Am7 – – – | F#7(#11b13) – – – | Fmaj7 – Em7 – | Dm7 – E7alt – |
Am7 – – Ab13 | Gm7 – C7 – | Fmaj7 – Em7 – | Dm7 – E7alt – :||



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