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► Best Hip hop & Trap Workout Music Mix 2020 – Gym Bodybuilding Motivation Music – Bodybuilding Music DTV #14

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0:00:00 NEFFEX – Save Me

00:02:45 NEFFEX – Pro

0:06:20 HOPEX – Conquer

0:09:05 Lucha X Godmode – Shiver (Magic Free Release)

0:11:41 NEFFEX – Take Me Away

0:14:32 Hopex – Fear

0:17:20 Coopex & The FifthGuys – The Kid (ft. GODMODE) (Magic Free Release)

0:20:12 NEFFEX – Never Give Up

0:24:20 BIOJECT & VORDEX – Silk Road

0:27:24 NEFFEX – Trapped in a Nightmare

0:30:45 BIOJECT & JURGAZ – Inferno [Magic Free Release]

0:34:00 Unknown Brain x Rival – Control (feat. Jex) [NCS Release]

0:36:42 BIOJECT – Ranger (Magic Free Release)

0:39:51 Lost Sky – Where We Started (feat. Jex) [NCS Release]

0:44:34 Matt Rysen & Pyrelight – We Don’t Care (Magic Free Release)

0:47:27 Heuse & Caravn – Spirits Say [NCS Release]

0:50:23 E.P.O – Gunshot (Magic Free Release)

0:54:12 Chris Linton & Cadmium – Slow Down [NCS Release]

0:57:45 4URA – Bumpa (Magic Free Release)

1:00:46 Tomline – Bridge (Magic Free Release)

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– The rock, Jeremy Buendia, Lazar Angelov, Sergi Constance, Ulissesworld, Andrei Deiu’, Cassandra Martin, Simeon Panda, Jeff Seid, Ryan Terry, ANLLELA SAGRA, Jeremy Potvin.

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