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Rammstein – Amerika (Official Video)


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Premiere: August 20th , 2004 (MTV Select)
Shoot: 6th – 7th of August, 2004
Location: Ruins of the former chemical site Rüdersdorf near Berlin
Director: Jörn Heitmann
Single: Amerika
From the Album: Reise, Reise

The AMERIKA video was filmed in the ruins of the former chemical factory in Rüdersdorf near Berlin under the direction of Jörn Heitmann. It was the fourth video he directed for Rammstein. For two days, from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., the band stood in front of the cameras. The spacesuits for the moon scenes were rented from Hollywood and 240 tons of ash were needed to create the moon landscape.


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