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Top 5 Jazz Books That I learned a lot from! Maps for the Jazz guitar Journey


“What jazz guitar books or methods do you recommend for learning jazz” is one of the questions that I get all the time on my videos and on social media.

In this video I’ll list 5 of the jazz books I learned the most from (and one bonus or honourable mention!)

I usually don’t really answer the question because for me guitar books have been one of many ways I have studied and I have never worked through a method from cover to cover. There are many aspects of learning jazz and absorbing the information, and taking it from a jazz guitar book is only one way and not the path you can use for learning a lot of things.

That said there are of course guitar books that I have had a lot of fun with and learned a lot from. In this video, I will try to talk about some of them and also talk about what I have learned and how I have used them. This way of approaching the usefulness of a book is often overlooked in my opinion.

You can also check out my two books:
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What is your favorite book?

– The Advancing Guitarist
– Joe Pass Style
– Ted Greene
– Kreutzer Etudes
– Charlie Parker Omnibook

The Bonus book!:

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My name is Jens Larsen, Danish Jazz Guitarist, and Educator. The videos on this channel will help you explore and enjoy Jazz. Some of it is how to play jazz guitar, but other videos are more on Music Theory like Jazz Chords or advice on how to practice and learn Jazz, on guitar or any other instrument.

The videos are mostly jazz guitar lessons, but also music theory, analysis of songs and videos on jazz guitars.


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