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Just To Be With You – Smooth Jazz Music | Aneessa – Preview Video 2020


Just To Be With You – Smooth Jazz Music | Aneessa – Preview Video 2020
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A song about love that knows no boundaries – Smooth A/C song – Smooth Jazz Music Song that addresses the issue of long distance relationships from different backgrounds.

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“Just To Be With You” – “is a song about interracial, long distance relationships & The ultimate love song for your playlist ❤

The multi-talented Renaissance woman Aneessa returns to the music scene with another marvelous offering titled Just To Be With You. The French American singer/songwriter has released quite a few musical gems of late and her newest offering calls into being the fruition of her work ethic and talent. Aneessa’s soulful charms hypnotize listeners once again in this delectable melody about love’s power of triumph.

Just To Be With You is truly a testimony of Aneessa’s gifted taste of song. The track draws from elements of funk, r&b, and soul music genres that fit perfectly into this lovely jazz composition. Just To Be With You’s rhythm speaks volumes as the organic quality of the instrumentation heralds an aspiring and sensual melodic landscape within measures of piano and a liquid bassline. Overtones of brass fills the skies of this daring track, which further enhances the depth and fluidity of the song.

Aneessa’s harmonies are filled with romantic allure and a heartfelt imagery, but also endears a psalm that embraces many of the challenges that come with interracial relationships. In many ways, Aneessa’s song about love that knows no boundaries is very timely for a world that is growing small and also adds an incredible sense of realism to Just To Be With You. Aneessa reminds us that true love is able to rise above the most challenging circumstances and it is within this context that her vocals are able to touch the hearts of all who touch love.

“Just To Be With You” is an uncompromising promise that Aneessa is destined to become a household name.

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