Home Music Hip Hop lofi hip-hop beats to quarantine and stay indoors to 🏠 // 24/7

lofi hip-hop beats to quarantine and stay indoors to 🏠 // 24/7


We’ve curated this stream with an emphasis on distraction-free music to help you get the most out of your time at home over the coming weeks. Whether you’re working from home or just riding it out, we hope you enjoy your time here 👋

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🤷‍♀️If you’re struggling with the changes to your daily life as a result of coronavirus / covid-19 , please do check out the following helplines and support:

CM has teamed up with lofi producer, sagun, & his visual team to showcase these incredible illustrations made as a part of his upcoming EP. This visual is the accompanying piece for his latest single, “fusion”.

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