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Swing Dance Practice Log: April 20, 2021


After a full year without any dancing whatsoever, a friend of mine, who is new to Smooth Style Lindy, consented to practice together.

I work with her on Smooth Lindy and I get to rework my teaching, since, it has been a year….

This is only a practice log, to document our progress, as we get ready for when we return to on-site swing dance classes in June.

I will be uploading our practice vids every week, so document our progress together, but, next month (May), I will be putting up basic instruction videos, so stay tuned!

Also, if you are in the Fremont/Newark/Union City/Hayward CA area, visit my website at www.rockinswing.com for updates, especially as we get closer to June, for when we can have dance lessons in place (following safety and legal guidelines, of course.)

And, just to keep track of what we are reviewing together, here is the list of basics (just basics) that we reviewed together, as we, slowly, get back into “the swing of things” (ouch):
1. 6-count Basics
2. Inside Turn and Side Pass
3. Sugar Pushes
4. Whips

*Check out my other channel, here on You Tube, for my documentaries on 1950’s youth culture history (in case you haven’t noticed, despite our contemporary dress for practice, I pretty much play ’50’s rock n’ roll for our practices, since it’s my passion, dig?)


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